Photos by: Janell Hipwell

Gam3rcon San Diego 2013

written by: Taryn Hipwell of

photos by: Janell Hipwell


Top 10 Eco Fantabulous things I found at a Gaming Convention.


1.     Recycled Gameboys made into Musical Instruments.  There is an entire Musical Genre that has been created called 8 Bit.  (Even Jay Z has a song on the radio with this awesome Atari Vintage Video Game Sound in the background)

2.     Miss Lauren Selman of Reel Green Media recycled gaming posters and board game signage from the San Diego County Fair to grace the walls of Gam3rcon…the theme this year was “GAMING!!!”

3.     EcoDivas and Off the Wall Graffiti stenciled and cut up t-shirts to give them new life, sass and pizazz.

4.     Lauren’s Recycled Lego Bracelet is AWESOME!!!

5.     Ashphord (Vegan Restaurant employee by day / Gamer by night) and Janell (World Traveling photographer) bonding over the many uses of Coconut Oil in the kitchen (inside the body) and in the bathroom (on the body).

6.     Did one of the members of Kirby’s Dream Band Recycle a bra as rock star earmuffs?

7.     Art created by recycling Nintendo Cartridges as the base for Gaming Characters made by paper-mache-ing magazines.

8.     Silly men using Celery as their weapon of choice while jousting.

9.     Off the Wall Graffiti recycling plywood scraps to create sellable works of Street Art!!!

10. Lots of EcoDivalicious Girl Gamers sporting sustainable style and girl power throughout the Festival!!!


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