Gam3rcon Day 2

Photos by: Janell Hipwell



  • Voice Over in Video Games (Panel): 4:30pm: Ever wonder who does all of the voices of your favorite video games? Or what it takes to voice video games? Come meet a star-studded variety of voiceover personalities who will share their stories from behind the microphone | Floor 4
  • I Wish My Life Were an RPG: 6pm: this one-woman show about gaming transcending race is as inspirational as it is entertaining. A must see. Rated G. | Floor 4
  • Comedy Night: 7pm: Join Andre “the Black Nerd” Meadows, Ron Swallows, AJ Salas and friends to laugh your geek off. Rated PG-13 | Rooftop
  • Cosplay Lounge: 9pm: Come show off your costumes at our rooftop lounge hosted by the girls of Chocolate Covered Cosplay. Prizes for everyone who attends in costume | Rooftop


I WISH MY LIFE WERE AN RPG by Ashphord Jacoway

Ashphord’s one woman Gaming Play addresses cultural diversity

Ashphord Jacoway is an amazing EcoDiva – She works at a VEGAN Restaurant by day and is a Gamers by night!

Hipwell Sisters and Gamer Voices.  We love you AMERICA YOUNG. Rockin’ a repurposed EcoDivas 2 DIY 4 thrashed tshirts by Taryn Hipwell (me.)

Hipwell Sisters and America Young (Stunt Woman) and peeps silliness


Gamer Panels – Magical Giggling

Doing what I do @ Gam3rcon. FRINDGE IS IN!!!

Fringe cutting while rocking out at Gam3rcon

Fringe cutting while rocking out at Gam3rcon

Duck Tails woo-ooo! Wearing my recycled MAGAZINE BEAD NECKLACE from Zambia Africa!

Celery, the weapon of choice!

Cultural diversity at the event. Love goes out to Sweden, Ginger (of Chocolate Covered Cosplay) and Poison Ivy representing

Succulents at the Rooftop Gam3r Party

Wolfman – I “Like” this guy





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