Janell Chopped off 15 inches to donate to someone with Cancer at the IBS International Beauty Show Vegas

Photos by: Janell Hipwell   Story by: Janell Hipwell

It started 3 years ago when I was living in Amsterdam. So far away from home. I found a lump in my left breast. Being alone and scared was one of the worst things I ever had to go thru. I had to go get checked out by myself. When I reiceved the results back in the doctor’s office that I was healthy…I ran out to the middle of Leidseplein and called my mother crying in joy. I made a promise to myself I would donate my hair to people with cancer. I thought I can choose to grow my hair but people with cancer dont have the option of being healthy. So I grew out all the product and let it get as long as it could.

This last weekend presented itself to me. My sister Taryn Hipwell invited me to the International Beauty Show Las Vegas. http://www.ibslasvegas.com/ I was fortunate enough to be a hair model and stand in front a large group of people while I got my hair whacked off! The hairstylist was a talented and amazing man from Switzerland (resides in New York) by the name of Mike Karg! http://www.mikekarg.com/. My hair measured about 15-16 inches!!! I hope they will be able to make at least 2 pony tails(required 8 inches). I am still deciding on where to send it. If you have donated hair in the past feel free to let me know where you sent it. I would be very grateful! For all those people who have cancer or who have lost loved ones to this..I want to send out ALL MY LOVE, PRAYERS AND SUPPORT!!!



Arrival to the IBS – International Beauty Show. I’m so excited, and i just can’t hide it…

Before the KARG dry hair system cuts

Before Unnatural and Natural Ombre

Eek!  He’s really cutting it off

Eek! There is goes

Eek! Where did it go?

Ek! Janell holding all 15 inches of hair she chopped off

Gorgeous Janell with Mike Karg

Hanging with Karg hair models

Mike Karg going at Taryn’s hair for cut #2

Mike Karg Working his Magic

Mike’s Karg Perfect

Proud of OPI

OPI using Sand for a unique effect

OPI using Sand for a unique effect

for removing the BIG 3 Toxics and using sand for a unique effect

Recycling Glass on your nails China Glaze

Bio Seaweed Gels

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