ECHS Rashion students chops up Jack Johnson tshirt for field trip fundraiser

Written by: Patricia Green, EcoDivas Event Coordinator

Environmental Charter High School’s after school R’ashion program is in the works of planning an awesome trip to San Francisco and Ojai, California to visit places like Teens Turning Green headquarters, EcoFabulous.comGreen Planet Productions and Patagonia Clothing to learn more about eco-fashion and film.

To fundraise for the trip, the students have been repurposing t-shirts that were donated by the Jack Johnson – Johnson Ohana Charitable Organization to sell at school events and on Etsy, an online handmade marketplace. The foundation donated the t-shirts to the R’ashion program with the understanding that whatever they created, they would photograph the designs and send them what they were working on.

So far these creative students have come up with several different designs ranging from fringes and shreds to eccentric skull and bow designs. Just recently, their first selling event was at ECHS’s annual Battle of the Bands, where the school’s students and other community members gather to perform and support local bands in the area.

Up next on the R’ashion agenda to fundraise is the high school’s Viva la Cultura event, hoping to sell some of their beautiful designs there as well. If you are interested in purchasing any of the t-shirts seen here in this article, or having a custom made design, visit the program’s Kickstarter and Etsy accounts.



“I come to this class stressed from school and once I come in and start working on stuff like these shirts, I start to unwind and it’s really cool.” – Crystal


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