1 Billion Rising Flash Mob on Vday

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Join forces with The New Hollywood, A Window Between Worlds, Linda’s Voice, I Am That Girl, EcoDivasTV.com, and Miss Representation!


The New Hollywood and friends in support of V-Day for One Billion Rising.

The New Hollywood” Women’s Goal Group Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are a women’s philanthropic goal group. We will be collaborating with other women’s nonprofits and organizations including V-day for this flash mob. Such as I Am That Girl, Miss Representation, Linda’s Voice, EcoDivasTV.com, and A Window Between Worlds.

V-Day” is a 501(c)(3) non-profit created by Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues”. V-Day raises money and awareness to help women who are victims of violence across the world.

Dancers include: Brianna Brown (Homeland, Devious Maids), Alexis Carra (Grey’s Anatomy, Broadway), Erin Cottrell ( The Identical) Kavi Ladnier (General Hospital), Brittany Ross (The Middle,  Pair of Kings), Megan Maczko (Me and Orson Wells), Brian Dannely (Struck by Lightning, Saved), Roger Wolfson (Fairly Legal, Law & Order SVU), and many more Broadway and West-End stars. (75 dancers).




Flashmob (4minute dance).  http://onebillionrising.org/page/event/detail/startarising/jr7

How to video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151192531410957&set=vb.508055956&type=2&theater


Hello Flashmobbers!

A reminder for Thursday:

Our new location is:

Sal Guarriello Memorial Park (West Hollywood, CA)
intersection of Holloway Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

10am! Please arrive at 9:30AM so that you are ready to dance! We will literally stop traffic!!! :)  (don’t worry, it’s legal and approved!)

If you want to review the dance, arrive at 9am in the park and we will brush up!

There is street parking, or the closest structure is:

Kings Road Municipal Parking Structure 1 – Parking Garage

City of West Hollywood
8383 Santa Monica Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 848-2067

Entrance: North Kings Road.
2 hours FREE 6:00am – 6:00pm.

Please wear a pink, red or One Billion Rising shirt.

Remember the amazing cause that we are all RISING for. Enjoy yourselves and have fun!

You all are so inspiring and your time, talents, efforts and wonderful hearts are going to shake this world into a wonderful awareness. Be proud and dance loud!

Can’t wait to RISE with you on Thursday.

Thank you for being the change we need in the world.

Kind Regards,


ps. here are the links to videos to rehearse again.

My latest and greatest iMovie is now available on Facebook. You can view it at:

One Billion Rising Flashmob!


Full dance from back view:


Front view:


And if you like it written out:

One Billion Rising choreography

Part 1:
Step out

Part 2:
box step (2 times)
“Swag” step (step out and twist to the right and left)

Part 3:
Hand cross
walk back
walk front

Part 4:
Circle clap
step party–pivot party

Part 5:
“Break the chain” section

Part 6: Repeat Part 1 & 2
step out
box step
“Swag step”

Part 7:
arms cross open
“Namaste”(prayer position hands)
Hand stop

Part 8:
Walk back
Walk front
Point in all directions on “beautiful creatures”

Part 9: Repeats part 4, 5
step party–pivot party
“Break the chain” section

Part 10:
Cha cha cha
“Meet and great section” change spots with someone else :)

Part 11: Repeats part 7, 8
arms cross open
“Namaste”(prayer position hands)
Hand stop
Walk back
Walk front
Point in all directions on “beautiful creatures”

Part 12: Repeat parts 4, 5
step party–pivot party
“Break the chain” section (8 times)
Point hold, slowly bring arm down
Arm lifts up



Kristina Mitchell, Producer/ Director, V-Day activist, Local Organizer for One Billion Rising Los Angeles. 612-237-6544. Krisse333@aol.com








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  1. New location in West Hollywood. Email me if you are inteersted in joining us.

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