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R’ashion Camp Zambia is a project that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while, but I never knew it would become a reality until I visited Zambia for the second time this summer to teach Eco Fashion with Billy Lombe of YEN Zambia aka Mr. Green.  During my third week there he showed me an outline for a camp that he’d created 3 years ago…and from that second on I was on board and taking over the fashion wing.

I learned so much from him and from the students. What I was brought over there to share actually opened up further discussions far more serious than what you wear and how stylish and sustainable you look.  But it sure is a fun way to start the conversation with a sweatshirt made from recycled plastic bottles and hemp…trust me, those two words even got the most unstylish, boyish, skeptics on board to open their minds and learn how R’ashion (Recycled Fashion) could change the entire economic makeup and environmental standards of the country in a positive way!!!

Take a second to check out the site as well as the pictures down below.  Help me to bring students and teachers from the US to Africa so that we can educate youth about all the serious problems going on in the environment and be a part of a fun, fabulous, fantastic and fashionable change…before its too late.



Not completely in the correct order, but they are all ECO FASHION events from around the world that have educated youth and adults about the environment RECYLED FASHION!!!



What the US can learn from Zambia  fabric scrap rugs

What the US can learn from Zambia rolled magazine bead necklaces

This is what recycled tissue paper looks like Queen of Hearts

Trashion Fashion at Green Drinks LA

Recycled Plastic Rockstar Jordan Howard

The first knitted Recycled plastic bag hat I’d ever spotted

R’ashion Alice in Wonderland Chip wrapper dress and admirer

R’ashion in the US at Environmental Charter School

Kachanana Super Uber music video stills

Namununga School Students

R’ashion Alice in Wonderland Chip wrapper dress and admirer at LA Green Drinks Halloween event.

R’ashion Camp Zambia – R’ashion Fashion 101

EcoSkin Sandy and friend showing what what bamboo and corn fabric looks like


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